Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't Judge Me!

Before I get into any of the projects I have been working on this week, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my new neighbors that leave perfectly good furniture out for trash.  Not only are these neighbors becoming good friends of mine (I haven’t met ONE neighbor yet!), they are filling my house with lovely free furniture.  Thank you and keep them coming!!

If you missed out the other week, I talked about all the goodies the hubs and I found in our alley.  So far we have given the desk we found a facelift.  That can be found here …

Now, what I haven’t told y’all yet is the hubs and I found some MORE stuff over Labor Day weekend.  Yes, I know … we now have a horrible addiction to finding free furniture.  Wait a second, it’s not all that horrible when it’s FREE!  I love seeing people’s faces when they see something of ours and they ask “Where did y’all get that?” … “I love it!”.  Well people … we got it in our alley and we just spruced it up some.  Don’t judge us!!!

Are you curious what we found over the weekend?

Here’s the list …

2 TV trays
King size headboard
Another headboard and footboard
HUGE picture frame

I would say we hit jackpot again.  I don’t understand why people throw perfectly good things away.  They are just asking for the hubs and I to come by and sweep it up and give it new life. 

Since I have tons of stuff to do this week, I wanted to focus on a project that would take no time at all.  So, I headed towards the TV trays.  The hubs and I probably wouldn’t use the TV trays for their original purpose but I thought how cute would those look for end tables or night stands?

Here’s what they looked like before.  They were so roughed up, covered in cobwebs, just really dirty.

I’m really into heirloom white legs and stained wood on top of furniture right now and I could totally do that to these babies!  After cleaning the suckers off, I started with the legs.  I grabbed my favorite spray paint and painted the legs heirloom white.

Then I had the hubs sand the top of the trays while I had my hands full with munchkin. Once he finished with that, I headed straight for the dark walnut stain and got after it.

Once the stain was dry, I put a coat of Polycrylic Protective Finish on top of the trays to help protect it from every day use. 

I let them dry overnight and woke up to some beautiful trays this morning.  Here’s how my babies turned out … LURRVE THEM!!!!!

I absolutely love how these trays turned out!  They look completely new and so different than they did.  I love how they match our coffee table that the hubs built me.  This was so meant to be!!!   It took less than 30 minutes for this whole process (except letting the stain dry over night).  I love these kinds of projects!

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