Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Desk Makeover

Labor Day weekend is over, the hub is back at work, munchkin is taking a nap, and I’m finally finishing up that pile of laundry that’s been staring at me for 3 days now!  I probably should be folding and hanging clothes back up but instead I want to show y’all the desk makeover! 

Remember this desk the hubs and I found in our alley?

Take a look at it now!

All this desk really needed was some TLC and I have plenty of that to give to FREE FURNITURE! 

The top of the desk originally had laminate on it.  It looked like an old kitchen countertop from the 70s.  I needed to get rid of that fast!  You could tell it belonged in a kid’s room because there were markers and crayons all over the side of the desk.  You can’t see it in the “before” photo but believe me … they were there!  Apparently the kid who had this in their room didn’t know how to color on paper so they just colored on the desk.  Shame shame! 
We only did a few things to this desk but it changed its appearance dramatically – I think for the better!  We added a new top for the desk, some decorative trim, secured the legs on the sides (the legs weren't even on the table), took out an extra drawer to make a cubby and added new hardware.  That sounds like a lot of things but seriously, it wasn’t!  I wouldn’t have put that much energy into something that needed TONS of work. 

Oh, and pretend like you don't see that wire on the floor next to the desk.  Thanks!  :)

As of right now it sits in our unfinished guest bedroom, or as I like to call it the "I don’t know where this belongs in the house so I’m going to put it in this room" and shut the door.  Am I the only one that has that kind of room in their house? 

Until next time y’all!

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