Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Need More Jewelry Stat!

I am very familiar with the washer and dryer eating your socks.  I swear the hub always has one missing sock!  However, I’m not too familiar with losing my earrings during a move.  We moved into our new house a month ago and when I unpacked all my jewelry, I noticed some of my earrings were missing.  Hmm … I’m still on the search for them! 

But in the meantime, I needed to make something new to hang my earrings on.  It’s a new house which calls for new things, duh!  That’s how it works! 

I found this printers type drawer at McKinney’s Trade Days (I could spend so much money at that place!)

And with a little paint and some elbow grease, I turned it into my new earring display …

Now I need to go shopping to replace the earrings I lost!  Oh honey … credit card please!

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