Monday, August 29, 2011

New Table = New Decor

We FINALLY got a table that can sit everyone around it when we have people over.  Say goodbye to four people sitting at the table, while two people sit at the bar, and the rest on the couch in the living room.  We put it to use this past weekend when my husband's family came over for lupper.  Yes, there is such a thing called "lupper".  It's that meal you eat between lunch hour and supper time ... lupper! 

Now that I have my beautiful kitchen table, it needs a little something, something.  I tried putting decorative plates out for show but it didn't look right.  That's when I decided I was going to build something.  Say hello to my little friend ... my wooden trough!

My husband and I measured how big we wanted it.  I wanted it to be long enough to run across the table (almost like a table runner).  We cut out pieces of scrap wood to size and then glued and nailed the pieces together.  Once that was finished, we sanded it so it was nice and smooth - no one likes splinters!  I wiped it down with a piece of cloth and debated whether or not I wanted to stain it in my oh so favorite dark walnut or paint and distress the edges.  Our table has white legs so I decided it would stand out more if I painted it heirloom white and then distressed the edges. I topped it off with some red flowers in the center. 

Didn't it turn out great?  I love it! 

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