Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Thankful Everyday

I can’t believe it has been 10 years since 9/11.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I was a sophomore in high school and we watched the plane hit the second tower in my first period Spanish class.  I’ve never been to New York but somehow feel a deep connection to the city after the attacks.  My heart still breaks and tears still run down my cheek when I see footage of the victims struggling for life or hearing phone calls from the victims to their loved ones saying their last goodbye.  I can’t imagine how it felt to be there that day or how it felt to lose a loved one in the attacks, but I can continue to pray for the ones lost and thank God every day that I have my family and friends. 

Come On In ... Sit Right Down!

I’m starting to think I’m our neighborhood’s local alley cat!  I LOVE finding people’s “trash” and turning it into something beautiful!  The hubs started calling me “Alley Cat” as a joke and it has now turned into my nickname around the house!  As much as I hate cats, I’m okay with the name (Sorry all you cat lovers!). 

We found two beat up chairs the other weekend and knew we had to do something with them!  The spindles were coming off, they were covered in cobwebs – they were just BEAT UP!  So, being the “Alley Cat” that I am, I snatched those babies up, loaded them into my car, and took them to a loving home that they deserved!!! 

Here’s what I had to work with …

They are beautiful chairs – they just needed some elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint.

I attached the spindles back together and used wood glue to secure both the spindles and the seat together.  I let that dry overnight – I wanted to make sure these suckers stayed intact.  I woke up the next morning and put a couple of coats of Heirloom White on them and then let that dry.  Once the paint was completely dry, I grabbed my sanding block and started the distressing process.  I didn't realize how much the paint soaked into the chairs.  It took A LOT of elbow grease for this but it was well worth it! 

Here’s what I ended up with …

I’m really happy on how these turned out.  They definitely look ten times better than what they did.  They have come a long way from sitting in the alley to sitting in our kitchen now.  We are going to use them as extra seating when people come over for dinner – That doesn’t mean I have to cook, does it?  Lord help us!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Love Fall

Although the temperatures are still a little warm outside, I’ll take the 90’s over the 100’s any day!  My favorite time of year is almost here and I’m slowly getting ready for fall.  I love the dark, rich colors that fall brings (that’s probably why the hubs and I got married in October).  So with fall right around the corner, I headed out to the garage to find all my fall decorations.  I could have sworn I had more than 2 containers worth but that’s okay.  Now, when I say I have 2 containers of fall décor, I mean I have 2 containers that aren’t even half full and 2 scarecrows.  Seriously?  That just means I’ll have to be creative this year!

So far starters, I laid out everything I had to get a preview of what I have to work with (which wasn’t much!).  Here’s the list …

Cylinder glass containers (from our wedding)
Dollar store leaves/flowers
Plastic pumpkins
Grapevine wreath

What the heck am I going to do with these?!?  I put on my thinking cap and went to work!

I took my cylinder glass containers, raffia, and dollar store leaves and put them on the table.  Then I raided the pantry and found some pinto beans (Don’t ask me why we have those in there – the hubs HATES beans!) 

And I made this …

I believe every door should have a wreath and I will argue that until the day I die!  I took my grapevine wreath and burlap and dollar store flowers and did some magic.  I cut my burlap into 1 ½ inch strips like this …

I had to grab a Sonic drink before working!

I folded it in half and then started twisting in a circle-like motion until I made little rosettes - the longer the strip of burlap, the bigger the rosette.  I made a few of them and glued it to the wreath.  It looked like it was missing something so I added some color with one of the dollar store flowers.  I just hot glued the rosettes and flower onto the wreath and it was LURVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  I absolutely love how this turned out!  It’s probably one of my favorite things right now.

After I hung the wreath on the front door, I walked out into the street to take a look at it and just shrugged in awe … I love fall!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't Judge Me!

Before I get into any of the projects I have been working on this week, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my new neighbors that leave perfectly good furniture out for trash.  Not only are these neighbors becoming good friends of mine (I haven’t met ONE neighbor yet!), they are filling my house with lovely free furniture.  Thank you and keep them coming!!

If you missed out the other week, I talked about all the goodies the hubs and I found in our alley.  So far we have given the desk we found a facelift.  That can be found here …

Now, what I haven’t told y’all yet is the hubs and I found some MORE stuff over Labor Day weekend.  Yes, I know … we now have a horrible addiction to finding free furniture.  Wait a second, it’s not all that horrible when it’s FREE!  I love seeing people’s faces when they see something of ours and they ask “Where did y’all get that?” … “I love it!”.  Well people … we got it in our alley and we just spruced it up some.  Don’t judge us!!!

Are you curious what we found over the weekend?

Here’s the list …

2 TV trays
King size headboard
Another headboard and footboard
HUGE picture frame

I would say we hit jackpot again.  I don’t understand why people throw perfectly good things away.  They are just asking for the hubs and I to come by and sweep it up and give it new life. 

Since I have tons of stuff to do this week, I wanted to focus on a project that would take no time at all.  So, I headed towards the TV trays.  The hubs and I probably wouldn’t use the TV trays for their original purpose but I thought how cute would those look for end tables or night stands?

Here’s what they looked like before.  They were so roughed up, covered in cobwebs, just really dirty.

I’m really into heirloom white legs and stained wood on top of furniture right now and I could totally do that to these babies!  After cleaning the suckers off, I started with the legs.  I grabbed my favorite spray paint and painted the legs heirloom white.

Then I had the hubs sand the top of the trays while I had my hands full with munchkin. Once he finished with that, I headed straight for the dark walnut stain and got after it.

Once the stain was dry, I put a coat of Polycrylic Protective Finish on top of the trays to help protect it from every day use. 

I let them dry overnight and woke up to some beautiful trays this morning.  Here’s how my babies turned out … LURRVE THEM!!!!!

I absolutely love how these trays turned out!  They look completely new and so different than they did.  I love how they match our coffee table that the hubs built me.  This was so meant to be!!!   It took less than 30 minutes for this whole process (except letting the stain dry over night).  I love these kinds of projects!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Desk Makeover

Labor Day weekend is over, the hub is back at work, munchkin is taking a nap, and I’m finally finishing up that pile of laundry that’s been staring at me for 3 days now!  I probably should be folding and hanging clothes back up but instead I want to show y’all the desk makeover! 

Remember this desk the hubs and I found in our alley?

Take a look at it now!

All this desk really needed was some TLC and I have plenty of that to give to FREE FURNITURE! 

The top of the desk originally had laminate on it.  It looked like an old kitchen countertop from the 70s.  I needed to get rid of that fast!  You could tell it belonged in a kid’s room because there were markers and crayons all over the side of the desk.  You can’t see it in the “before” photo but believe me … they were there!  Apparently the kid who had this in their room didn’t know how to color on paper so they just colored on the desk.  Shame shame! 
We only did a few things to this desk but it changed its appearance dramatically – I think for the better!  We added a new top for the desk, some decorative trim, secured the legs on the sides (the legs weren't even on the table), took out an extra drawer to make a cubby and added new hardware.  That sounds like a lot of things but seriously, it wasn’t!  I wouldn’t have put that much energy into something that needed TONS of work. 

Oh, and pretend like you don't see that wire on the floor next to the desk.  Thanks!  :)

As of right now it sits in our unfinished guest bedroom, or as I like to call it the "I don’t know where this belongs in the house so I’m going to put it in this room" and shut the door.  Am I the only one that has that kind of room in their house? 

Until next time y’all!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's For Dinner?

I went out to the garage earlier this morning to grab something to drink (we keep an extra fridge out in the garage – more of a “drink fridge”).  While I was in there I saw this piece of scrap wood and thought something needed to be painted before noon today.  I know I have a problem.  I’m currently finding a 12-step program for spray paint addicts. 

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I’ve wanted to find some wood signs to hang throughout the house and I wanted to start in the kitchen.  I swear it was meant to be because the wood was the PERFECT size to hang over our pantry door.   All I had to do was “spray spray”, “stencil stencil”, “paint paint”, “sand sand” … in that order … and I was done.  However, I was unaware of how time consuming this baby would be.  May I remind you I have a munckin to take care of so this was pretty much an all-day affair.  Nice.  The laundry can wait another day. 

Check out my new “Groceries” sign!

I Need More Jewelry Stat!

I am very familiar with the washer and dryer eating your socks.  I swear the hub always has one missing sock!  However, I’m not too familiar with losing my earrings during a move.  We moved into our new house a month ago and when I unpacked all my jewelry, I noticed some of my earrings were missing.  Hmm … I’m still on the search for them! 

But in the meantime, I needed to make something new to hang my earrings on.  It’s a new house which calls for new things, duh!  That’s how it works! 

I found this printers type drawer at McKinney’s Trade Days (I could spend so much money at that place!)

And with a little paint and some elbow grease, I turned it into my new earring display …

Now I need to go shopping to replace the earrings I lost!  Oh honey … credit card please!

Oh How I Love Sunday Night

Before I start telling you what the hubs and I did last Sunday night, I want you to promise me that you won’t judge us.  Promise?  Pinky promise?  Okay … you have my permission to continue reading then …

So, last Sunday night the hubs and I were bored and so we loaded up munchkin and all got in the car for a little drive.  You might be thinking, “Where in the world would y’all be going on a Sunday night?”  Well, here’s where the “adventure” began.  As we backed out of the driveway we saw an old desk that was pretty much broken apart.  I say it was broken apart because the drawers were out of it, the legs were coming off, etc.  This desk had definitely seen better days that’s for sure so I decided it needed a makeover.  Yes folks, I picked that baby up and put it in the back of our car and decided we were now on a mission.  I told munchkin to sit tight and get comfortable because we are going dumpster divin’. 

Now let me make this clear … WE NEVER WENT THROUGH ANY DUMPSTERS!!  We just drove down one alley to the next looking for crap!  You might be laughing at us but don’t be so quick to judge my friend!  Wait until you see their makeovers.  Ohhh I can’t wait!!!

Here’s a list of what all we found last Sunday night …
One antique desk
Two antique chairs
Two bookshelves
One nightstand

Laughing now?  I didn’t think so!  We hit the JACKPOT!!!! 

Here’s a picture of our desk before …

We are currently working on its facelift.  To be continued …

All You Need Is A Little Love

Remember the wooden trough I did the other day?  Well, I kept looking at it ALL day today and was thinking it needed something else to it.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add numbers, letters, or a design to it.  I thought I could put “Family” on it but when I laid the letters out on the trough, the word looked too long.  I thought maybe I could put our anniversary date on there “10.24.09”.  I LOVED THE IDEA!!  You would think since I LOVED it so much that I would have put that on there … wrong!  Don’t ask me why … I don’t have an answer for you.  J Instead, I put the word “Love”.  I guess it will do, right?  After all, I do LOVE the hubs and my munchkin.  

Here’s a picture of it before …

And here’s what it looks like with the letters added to it …

I don't know ... I kind of like it!  Have I mentioned what a fickle person I am? 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Move Over Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Pinterest Is My New Best Friend

I’m sure many are already aware of the latest craze called Pinterest.  If not, you’ve got to check this thing out.  Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought to yourself, “I really like the way that room is laid out?”  I’m not the only one that does that, am I?  Pinterest is a place where you can “pin” all the things you love whether it’s fashion, actors, quotes, or my favorite, home décor.  You create these different boards and then you can follow other people around the world.  I’m warning you, this thing is ADDICTIVE!! I don’t want anyone to come back and say I didn’t warn them.  It is not my fault you are still in your clothes from 2 days ago starring at your computer playing on Pinterest.  Not.  My.  Fault. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Would You Do?

The boxes are unpacked and everything is finally put in its place in our new house.  Phew!  We definitely have more things than what I thought.  According to the hubs, I’m a hoarder.  However, I can’t help but think, “I’ll use it one day, right?”  Wait a second … isn’t that a hoarder’s motto? 
As of right now, our breakfast nook in our kitchen looks a little bare.  I absolutely LOVE our new kitchen.  The big bay window lets in so much light and it just makes it feel so open.  I normally don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen – I’m not allowed to go in there.  I apparently can’t cook worth a hoot but it’s not my fault the hubs compares my cooking to his momma’s southern cookin’.  He knew I was a “meal from the box” type of girl!  Anyways, enough with my venting on that subject!  J  As I was saying, I don’t normally spend that much time in the kitchen but the windows make me want to be in there all day long! 
Now here’s where I need your help.  I can’t decide what I want to do with the windows.  Should I do long curtains, valances, leave it as is?  What would you do? 

Nate Berkus ... Will You Accept This Rose?

Is anyone else obsessed with the Nate Berkus Show?  I have my DVR set to record him every day.  I like to consider it my guilty pleasure every afternoon.  The Design Star contestants were on his show yesterday and they had to do a challenge in front of the live audience.  Their challenge was to make something for the house that everyone can make so it had to be (1) easy (2) cheap.  Easy and cheap … I normally don’t put those two words together but when it comes time to decorating, those are my two favorite words! 
By far my favorite, and the design that won the contest, was the decorator that had those standard Ikea shelves and he used vintage books to sit on the brackets instead of the boring shelves they come with.  Can we say GENIUS?!? 

The Nate Berkus Show

Seriously people, this has to be in my house!  I’m going to have to check out the prices at Ikea but if all else fails, I could always make my own, right?  I would love to have one in my daughter’s room or in our upstairs office.  Maybe I could put one in EVERY ROOM!!!!  Okay, that might be an overkill but this definitely has to be made! 

My Mirror Needed Some Company

Now that I made the wooden trough for our kitchen table, there seemed to be something missing in our “dining area”.  We have a framed mirror on the opposite wall but the mirror looked so lonely hanging up there all by itself, and that’s when I had my idea!  I will make my mirror some friends!  Mason jar sconces anyone?
After making random projects throughout the house, my garage is filled with extra wood.  Even if I didn’t have the wood to make this, it would cost under $10 to make.  What I did was measure how long I wanted the sconces to be and how big I wanted my shelf to be for my mason jars to sit on.  Then, I had the hubs cut me my pieces.  Thanks Nater!  J 
I used gorilla glue (this stuff is awesome) to attach my pieces together.  I wanted to make sure the wood would hold together so I put some nails in the pieces to tighten the wood together.  Once that was done and dried, I was ready to paint.  I gave it a quick coat of heirloom white spray paint and then then went to town on the distressing.  I found it to stain the distressed edges with a small paint brush.  It made the process less messy. 
The sconces looked great but I felt like there needed to be some kind of decorate piece at the top of it so I just used what I had on hand and grabbed some black cardstock and used my Silhouette machine to cut out a fleur de lis (I lurrve me some fleur de lis)!  I had to think about how I would stick it to the wood … Mod Podge it?  I really didn’t want to Mod Podge it.  I was having a lazy day so I grabbed my 3M spray adhesive and sprayed it to the sconce.  It worked purrfect!!!  I love easy projects! 

So here’s the final project … what do you think? 

I found my inspiration at

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Table = New Decor

We FINALLY got a table that can sit everyone around it when we have people over.  Say goodbye to four people sitting at the table, while two people sit at the bar, and the rest on the couch in the living room.  We put it to use this past weekend when my husband's family came over for lupper.  Yes, there is such a thing called "lupper".  It's that meal you eat between lunch hour and supper time ... lupper! 

Now that I have my beautiful kitchen table, it needs a little something, something.  I tried putting decorative plates out for show but it didn't look right.  That's when I decided I was going to build something.  Say hello to my little friend ... my wooden trough!

My husband and I measured how big we wanted it.  I wanted it to be long enough to run across the table (almost like a table runner).  We cut out pieces of scrap wood to size and then glued and nailed the pieces together.  Once that was finished, we sanded it so it was nice and smooth - no one likes splinters!  I wiped it down with a piece of cloth and debated whether or not I wanted to stain it in my oh so favorite dark walnut or paint and distress the edges.  Our table has white legs so I decided it would stand out more if I painted it heirloom white and then distressed the edges. I topped it off with some red flowers in the center. 

Didn't it turn out great?  I love it!