Friday, September 9, 2011

I Love Fall

Although the temperatures are still a little warm outside, I’ll take the 90’s over the 100’s any day!  My favorite time of year is almost here and I’m slowly getting ready for fall.  I love the dark, rich colors that fall brings (that’s probably why the hubs and I got married in October).  So with fall right around the corner, I headed out to the garage to find all my fall decorations.  I could have sworn I had more than 2 containers worth but that’s okay.  Now, when I say I have 2 containers of fall décor, I mean I have 2 containers that aren’t even half full and 2 scarecrows.  Seriously?  That just means I’ll have to be creative this year!

So far starters, I laid out everything I had to get a preview of what I have to work with (which wasn’t much!).  Here’s the list …

Cylinder glass containers (from our wedding)
Dollar store leaves/flowers
Plastic pumpkins
Grapevine wreath

What the heck am I going to do with these?!?  I put on my thinking cap and went to work!

I took my cylinder glass containers, raffia, and dollar store leaves and put them on the table.  Then I raided the pantry and found some pinto beans (Don’t ask me why we have those in there – the hubs HATES beans!) 

And I made this …

I believe every door should have a wreath and I will argue that until the day I die!  I took my grapevine wreath and burlap and dollar store flowers and did some magic.  I cut my burlap into 1 ½ inch strips like this …

I had to grab a Sonic drink before working!

I folded it in half and then started twisting in a circle-like motion until I made little rosettes - the longer the strip of burlap, the bigger the rosette.  I made a few of them and glued it to the wreath.  It looked like it was missing something so I added some color with one of the dollar store flowers.  I just hot glued the rosettes and flower onto the wreath and it was LURVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  I absolutely love how this turned out!  It’s probably one of my favorite things right now.

After I hung the wreath on the front door, I walked out into the street to take a look at it and just shrugged in awe … I love fall!!

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