Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Move Over Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Pinterest Is My New Best Friend

I’m sure many are already aware of the latest craze called Pinterest.  If not, you’ve got to check this thing out.  Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought to yourself, “I really like the way that room is laid out?”  I’m not the only one that does that, am I?  Pinterest is a place where you can “pin” all the things you love whether it’s fashion, actors, quotes, or my favorite, home décor.  You create these different boards and then you can follow other people around the world.  I’m warning you, this thing is ADDICTIVE!! I don’t want anyone to come back and say I didn’t warn them.  It is not my fault you are still in your clothes from 2 days ago starring at your computer playing on Pinterest.  Not.  My.  Fault. 

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